To read Jean-Louis Trudel in English

Un rare billet en anglais (mais il faut ce qu'il faut quand il s'agit de publicité) : A rare posting in English (for it has been said: ask not what self-promotion can do for you, ask what you can do for self-promotion)...

The on-line Tor bookstore advertises a few books connected with me, but others may be found elsewhere. Such books come in several flavours. There is one anthology under my name (and Paula Johanson's, of course): Tesseracts7. Also available from Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy are several anthologies with stories of mine : Tesseracts3, Tesseracts4, Tesseracts5, Tesseracts6, Tesseracts8, TesseractsQ, and Tesseracts Thirteen. Another anthology that is still available new is Ark of Ice, with my story "The Falafel Is Better in Ottawa". My story "Stella Nova" in the Spring 1994 issue of On Spec is also available. Another anthology, Northern Stars from Tor, is no longer in print, but can be obtained through Amazon; it's worth noting that it just reprises the story from Tesseracts4.

For younger readers of science fiction, there's my story in the Orbiter anthology edited by Julie Czerneda, and another in What If...?: Amazing Stories Selected by Monica Hughes.

Laurent McAllister penned a story for the anthology Witpunk edited by Marty Halpern and Claude Lalumière, that can still be acquired.

And for those who don't want science fiction, there's my Arsène Lupin pastiche "Legacies" in the second volume (Gentlemen of the Night) of the Tales of the Shadowmen series from Blackcoat Press.

I've published a few more stories in English, but they were published in magazines that would be hard to track down, aside from the on-line story "Gathering the Echoes". I've published many more translations of authors other than myself, the latest being included in The Thieves of Silence, but several of my translations in that volume were revised a bit too hastily by the editor, who introduced a variety of mistakes ("flied" instead of "flew", "lied" instead of "lay") that may or may not be corrected in later printings. I will provide elsewhere a full list of my translations, and of the best versions available...

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